A downloadable game for Windows

This game was developed in 4 days for a Game Jam (GDSJam).

The game will receive some updates.


It's the Second World War. You are a finnish sniper who has great talent. You was in a mission: search and investigate the Soviet Union's territory near the border with Finland. But the Soviets found you, and now you have to fight for your life in this cold forest.


Use keybord and mouse

  • WASD - player moviments
  • Left shift - run
  • Mouse - camera moviments
  • Left button - shoot
  • 1/2 - change weapon
  • Esc - pause

Your weapons reloads automatically.


  • Felipe Munhoz: programmer and 3D artist
  • Francisco Alves : programmer and musician
  • Márcio Rodrigues EK: game designer and sound designer
  • Marcos Sczibor: 3D artist
  • Victoria Machado : game designer and programmer
  • Vitor Mendes : programmer
StatusIn development
Release date Nov 16, 2016
AuthorVictoria Machado de Oliveira
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Game Jam, Singleplayer, Unity, World War II
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

  1. After clicking in download, it will ask to download a zip file
  2. Save it where you prefer
  3. Unzip the file .zip, it contains a folder and an executable
  4. Run "White Death.exe" to play


WhiteDeath v0.2.zip 70 MB
WhiteDeath (Jam build).zip 64 MB


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honestly great concept but poor gameplay